We Value Our Sponsors & Partners

The development and implementation ofAARC programs,
projects and resources are made possible by the generous
contributions provided by our partners and sponsors.
We are immensely grateful for these businesses and
organizations for their partnership and support. For
more information on the opportunity to become a sponsor.

Grateful for these Partnerships

Platinum: $50,000+ Contribution

US Department of Housing and
Urban Development

Gwinnett County Community
Development Program

Gwinnett County Community Development
Program awarded AARC a generous amount
totaling $90,000: $45,000 for operating costs
of ESG-CV Rapid Re-Housing and another
$45,000 for the Homelessness Prevention


Mastercard is proud to support the critical
and lifesaving work of the Asian American
Resource Foundation’s Mental Health
Counseling Program (MHCP) with a gift
of $50,000. The purpose of the MHCP is
to enhance the quality of life and
self-sufficiency of the single parents,
homeless people, and the families
of recent Atlanta shooting victims
by providing training (education or
parenting education or parenting training)
and counseling programs in a manner
that is nurturing and therapeutic 
intervention with respect, compassion
and accountability.

Gold: $20,000+ Contribution

For many years, Bank of America has
worked with nonprofit partners,
local organizations, and leaders across
public and private sectors in Atlanta
to help drive economic mobility for
vulnerable populations. Through the
bank’s grant and partnership, the grant
will be used for the Mental Health
Counseling Program.

The UPS Foundation

 The UPS Foundation is proud to make a funding
contribution to Asian American Resource
Foundation, Inc. The contribution in the amount
of $20,000 has been processed by the Foundation
Accounting. It is our understanding the funds
will be used toward Rapid Re-Housing,
Homelessness Prevention, Single Parent
Family Education and Counseling Program.
10 families will receive life skills training,
25 people will receive benefits of Mental
Health Education and Counseling and 5 to 8
families, or 15 to 24 individuals will receive
a Rental Assistance for 1-2 months which
includes security deposits for Move-in. 

Click here for Mental Health
Counseling story by AJC.

Betty and Davis Fitzgerald Foundation

Betty and Davis Fitzgerald Foundation
voted unanimously to award the Asian
American Resource Center a $20,000 grant
to use for our housing programs–
Homeless Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing.

Please visit www.bettyanddavisfitzgerald.org
to learn more.

Kataly Foundation

Asian American Resource Center is being
recommended for a 2021 grant in the
amount of $20,000. This award is intended
as general operating support for rapid
response efforts to support communities
impacted by racially motivated violence,
harassment, and discrimination targeting
Asian Americans, especially women, youth,
and the elderly.

Silver: $10,000+ Contribution